US Patent No. 7,222,462 B2
The Ultimate Door and Window Sill Pan System

Protect your property against water and moisture damage by using the ASTROpan

  • Adhesive caulk included
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Limits water intrusion
  • Helps prevent rot and mold
  • Channels water outside
  • Works in conjunction with housewrap
  • Helps prevent costly callbacks
  • Available in 4-9/16″ & 6-9/16″ jamb widths
  • Economical
  • Custom fits to any rough opening

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Installation Instructions
  1. Separate right and left hand ends from each other by pulling apart.
    Pan attach graphic
  2. Lay the ends tightly against the sides of rough opening, either nailing through the side with roofing nails or gluing with adhesive caulk.
    Pan Nail installation graphic
  3. Check center section for proper length, if necessary cut with snips or hack saw to overlap end sections at least 1-1/2 inches.
    Astro Pan overlap diagram (1-1/2' overlap)
  4. Apply a 1/4 inch bead of adhesive caulk (provided) to the end pieces such that the center section lays over the caulk when installed with printed side facing up. Press firmly so that the caulk is spread evenly between the end pieces and the center section.
    Installation instructions for Astro Pan
  5. Visually inspect the caulk joint to insure a good seal.
  6. Install window or door in standard manner.
Pricing Guide
Pricing Nominal Width Actual Width Sets/Box Prices per Box – includes adhesive caulk
20 Boxes + 10-19 Boxes 1-9 Boxes
ASTROpan 4916 4-9/16″ Sill Pan 3-0 38.25″ 24* $168.08/Box $176.79/Box $185.68/Box
ASTROpan 4916 4-9/16″ Sill Pan 6-0 74.25″ 12* $141.42/Box $148.41/Box $155.70/Box
ASTROpan 6916 6-9/16″ Sill Pan 3-0 38.25″ 24* $226.89/Box $238.01/Box $250.11/Box
ASTROpan 6916 6-9/16″ Sill Pan 6-0 74.25″ 12* $176.74/Box $185.39/Box $194.63/Box

*Boxes with 24 sets include 3 tubes of adhesive caulk, boxes with 12 sets include 2 tubes.