Custom and cost-effective plastic profile design solutions

At Astro Plastics, we serve as your complete design and drafting partner, and have been doing so for more than 50 years. The design process plays a vital role in making sure that you receive the right product in the right condition every time. We offer custom solutions and have the capability to meet and exceed most any customer requirement. Our extensive experience helps in identifying the best combination of materials and the optimal cross section for every single project.

Our engineers work closely with you to create and hone design ideas that will improve your product across the board. From point of purchase and merchandising components to building products and unique OEM applications, we strive for cost-effective plastics solutions, always delivered on time. Once the design is ready to go, we guide you through the prototyping process and beyond, all the way to completion. Our team of industry experts is devoted to providing thorough assistance at an unmatched value.

Contact us today for custom and complete design solutions to improve your product.

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