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Problem solvers. Custom solutions.

That sums up everything you need to know about Astro Plastics. We’ve been designing and producing custom profile extrusions to resolve customers’ challenges for more than 50 years. Our approach is to meet with customers, learn about their design challenges and create cost-effective, problem-solving extrusions. Custom solutions. We can’t stress that enough. When you’re facing a design challenge, Astro Plastics is here to help.

In addition to complete design and drafting services, Astro Plastics offers expert in-house tool and die manufacturing. Versatile in-line and off-line fabrication options include: cutting, stamping and notching, punching, drilling, routing, gluing and tape applications.

Each product manufactured by Astro Plastics undergoes rigorous quality control procedures. Inspections are completed around the clock, and products are tested in our own laboratories. We work with our customers to develop and implement tests that subject products to real-world stresses. This ensures the plastic extrusions we make do the job when they’re part of your product.
With manufacturing facilities in Rosemount, MN, and Covington, GA, you can be assured of prompt production scheduling and on-time delivery. Shipment from either location can save you freight costs and time.

At Astro Plastics, our mission with every project is to make sure that our customers get…

  • The right product 
  • In the quantity ordered
  • In the right condition
  • At the right time and place
  • All at a competitive price.

Let’s get together soon to talk about your product challenges and how we can turn problems into solutions and ideas into thermoplastic extrusions.

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Astro Plastics has been in business for over 50 years, beginning with our original facility in Rosemount, MN in 1965. We expanded in 1984 with a new 25,000 square foot facility in Covington, GA that has since expanded to 100,000 square feet. We have over 40 extruders, 5 EDM machines and have developed the capability to satisfy most any customer requirement.