Astro Flashing

US Patent No. 8,316,586 B2 and other patents pending
The ultimate bendable flashing

Protect your property against water and moisture damage

  • Adhesive tape applied for quick and easy application
  • Limits water intrusion
  • Helps prevent rot and mold
  • Channels water outside
  • Helps prevent costly callbacks
  • Works in conjunction with housewrap
  • Economical
  • For use on straight, circular or elliptical trim

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Installation Instructions
  1. First measure the length of the curved or straight surface that will be sealed with the flashing. Clean any excess dirt, dust or other contaminants prior to application.
    Measure length diagram for Astro Flash
  2. Open the flashing box at the corner using the pre-punched flap. Pull out the length of product needed and cut with scissors or snips.
  3. Turn flashing so that the side with tape is exposed and remove the liner from the exposed surface of the tape. Turn the flashing so the tape is on bottom for application.
    AstroFlash - Adhesive tape applied for quick and easy application
  4. Using the front drip leg as a guide, apply the flashing around the perimeter of the trim, using the tape to help hold the product in position before applying fasteners. (see diagram)
    Astro Flashing's front drip leg fits snugly against flashed surface's edge
  5. After applying the flashing to the trim in its entire length, rotate the flexible portion up to the adjoining wall surface, and nail through the pre-punched holes to complete the application.
    Installation of Astro Flashing
  6. If desired, sealing tape may now be applied over the flange of the flashing.
Pricing Guide
50 ft. Reels Dimension A 1-5 Reels 6-10 Reels Over 10 Reels
AP5187 3-1/4″ Bendable Head Flashing 11/16″ $190.00/rl $182.50/rl $175.00/rl
AP5127 3-1/2″ Bendable Head Flashing 1″ $192.50/rl $185.00/rl $177.50/rl